• Offering 20 Fall 2021 Hereford bulls (polled) sired by BEHM 100W Cuda 504C, KCF Bennett Gateway F391, GO King E33 and Whitehawk Natural 290
  • As Gardiner Angus Ranch Allied Producer, Angus bulls are offered through one of the GAR sales.
  • Call with any interest in Angus and/or Hereford females
  • Everything is always for sale. Please call or email with any interest, and we are happy to provide pricing.

More to come, but will be offering interest in all of these flush mates. All homozygous polled and includes the highest $CHB bull in the breed.

Registration Number Name Sex CHB ($)
44420746 111F MISS GOVERNOR K1 Cow 227
44439547 111F MISS GOVERNOR K14 ET Cow 222
44439537 111F MISS GOVERNOR K2 ET Cow 208
44439546 111F MISS GOVERNOR K17 ET Cow 204
44439529 111F MISS GOVERNOR K22 ET Cow 201
44439533 111F MISS GOVERNOR K21 ET Cow 197
44439590 111F MISS GOVERNOR K3 ET Cow 194
44439544 111F GOVERNOR K9 ET Bull 245
44439542 111F GOVERNOR K4 ET Bull 215
44439540 111F GOVERNOR K10 ET Bull 208
44439543 111F GOVERNOR K6 ET Bull 201

Perennial Peanut Hay - High quality perennial peanut hay in 50-pound bales is available for pickup at the farm or can be delivered in bulk. All hay has been stored in a completely enclosed barn since harvest. Contact or call in advance as supply is usually limited.

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